This wonderful Regency apartment has fabulous views onto the historic Pump rooms in Cheltenham. It had not been refurbished for over twenty years, so was very dated. The apartment was completely transformed by reconfiguring the existing spacial arrangement. The owners wanted a fresh contemporary look for the property. Inspiration was taken from their love of horse racing.

The Kitchen area was extended to allow for extra units, a mirrored storage cupboard was sourced for the hall, to give the illusion of space and borrowed light. With some clever design the bathroom was completely refigured to create more space. A soft palette of blues and greys created a calming flow to the building with accent colours of aubergine for warmth.
Pictures of horse racing as well as accessories were sourced to meet the brief. Bespoke furniture in black lacquer gave symmetry and style to the Sitting room, while mirrored wardrobes and side tables, created space in the compact bedrooms.